Recomendaciones de compra

Dear clients,
We thank you for your interest in the products of LASSELSBERGER, s.r.o.

  • When choosing ceramic tiling it’s always important to consider, in addition to aesthetics,  the conditions of use that the tiles will be subjected to.  It’s always best to discuss with the seller about the suitable type of the tiles.
  • The RAKO HOME and RAKO OBJECT wall tiles, designed for both flats and buildings, (catalogue number Wxxxxxxx) are only suitable for interior wall tiling.
  • The RAKO HOME and RAKO OBJECT floor tiles (catalogue number Gxxxxxx) are only suitable for interior walls and floors, interior pools, etc.
  • The RAKO OBJECT POOL line of ceramic tiles (catalogue number Gxxxxxxx) are frost-proof and suitable for exterior and interior walls, interior floors, facades, swimming pools, etc.
  • The RAKO HOME and RAKO OBJECT sintered ceramic tiles (catalogue number Txxxxxxx, Dxxxxxxx, TAURUS and KENTAUR) have very good frost-proof properties and are especially designed for horizontal frost-proof paving, e.g. balconies and terraces. Selected KENTAUR glazed tiles have the highest possible PEI surface abrasive wear rating, thus being suitable for floors of restaurants and shops. The TAURUS unglazed tiles featuring anti-skid properties are suitable for floors with a high amount of foot traffic, e.g. supermarkets, railway stations, subways, administration buildings, etc.
  • It is necessary to carefully measure the amount of tiling needed and then buy 5 – 15% more than calculations call for (material allowances related to the wall, especially for diagonal placement, in case of unexpected modification and/or repair, etc.).
  • When buying tiles, it is always necessary to calculate the forecasted amount of pedestrian traffic and choose appropriate tiles with a corresponding PEI abrasion resistance rating.
  • In the case of more demanding operating conditions, such as slipping (e.g. wet floors in public showers, swimming pool areas, wet and grease-coated floors in large cafeterias) it is always necessary to choose suitable anti-skid tiles.
  • The laying of tiles should be entrusted to a reputable company. If you will carry out the laying yourself, it is necessary to duly and carefully read the corresponding instructions issued by the manufacturer of the ceramic tiles, sealants, glues and cutting tools before starting work. In relation to the installation of paving and wall tiling in bathrooms, swimming pools, balconies and terraces, we recommend to use the LB CERAMIC SYSTEM which recommends procedures of base penetration, leveling, hydroinsulating, gluing, jointing and cleaning materials.
  • Before starting to lay the tiles, it is necessary to check the tile’s décor and patterns within the area to be tiled. In addition, it is necessary to check the dimensions and colour information shown on the cartons. Never mix dimensions and colours of different cartons.
  • When laying tiles in larger areas (ie. above 9 x 9 ft) do not forget to allow for expansion joints in the area around the bearing and expansion parts of buildings, especially with respect to exterior areas, terraces, facades and floor heating.


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